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  1. autisticvanellope answered: you should probably censor it to be safe
  2. lupinatic answered: I’d reference it in quotes to show that it isn’t your word, but since so many people find it hurtful censoring it might be safer.
  3. yesthattoo answered: I think that when used as an insult or quoting such, only people with intellectual disabilities should get to use it uncensored.
  4. metapianycist answered: I know some people who find it very triggering when uncensored, so starring out most of the letters is what I support.
  5. codeman38 answered: I would be fine with it being spelled out only if there is an accompanying content warning (posted so it’s ABOVE the image).
  6. morganasticramblings answered: Personally I’d say block it out. I know as a word I don’t like it, and I’m sure there are other people who don’t as well. :)
  7. power-word-assbutt answered: I think you should do whatever you feel is more appropriate at the time. I tend to reference it in quotes, personally.
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